Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the ocd in me

Everyone has OCD tendencies, right? (nervous chuckle...)

Here are some of mine that I listed today:

Milk top blow: now that I use my own personal jug of milk, I have gotten used to blowing off the crusties before I pour it. No crusties must fall in my cereal! Now, I do it out of habit, whether it's my milk or not.

One side of my towel is for my face; the other side is for my body.

I must shower every morning but have no problem going to bed filthy (this could be why I feel filthy every morning)

I have to have perfect sleep conditions: darkness and silence (no ticking clocks or breathing).

I don't like walking on hard floors in socks: There are too many opportunities for the socks to get wet or dirty. I would rather my feet get dirty than my socks.

Sometimes I'd rather not have help with something if you can't do it my way.

I make my bed every never looks good, but the covers HAVE to be closed so the spiders don't get in.

When I eat any sort of soft candy, I have to bite it in half first, to inspect the inside. Doesn't matter how small the item is. Gummy bears, jr. mints, good 'n plenty.

I can't stand when something is stuck in my teeth...I will pick at it with anything (candy wrappers work well).Thanks mom, I got it from you.

I like giving myself sort of 'mini-challenges'. Maybe it helps me feel accomplished on days when I don't accomplish much. (last week, I challenged myself to keep the "terminal" gmail theme on my email account for one was hard, but so rewarding when I made it!)

Spacial relations. Sometimes I just have to shove one random item into another random item to see if it will fit or if my eyes are tricking me.

At work I have a collection of chip clips that I will clip on my body (mostly my face and arms) throughout the day. The eyebrow and the jaw line are particularly satisfying.

I have a floater in my right eye. Often times when I have nothing to do (standing in one place in the temple), I will try to direct that floater around certain patterns, or objects. I often times get very frustrated because it is near impossible to control the floater (frustration in the temple - is that allowed?).

In certain light, my eyes see things in slightly different colors. If you see me winking at you back and forth with each eye, It means I'm actually comparing my two eye color schemes.Yes, those are only the ones I thought of in an hour period of time. It really is a mystery why I'm not married yet.

umtiw mext thime (chip clip on the bottom lip)


jojoba said...

This post made me want to floss my teeth. Also, I need some of them chip clips.

Mary Ann said...

You almost make me feel normal. :)

Jeff said...

This is excellent. I should write about some of my OCD's. (Although many of these weren't actually OCD's but preferences) One of mine is that when I see a number I have to figure out what it is divisible by. The most pleasing number are palindromes that are divisible by nine. I will usually figure out what needs to be added to a number to achieve a palindrome divisible by nine. This is particularly important during sacrament meeting when I do all sorts of calculations on the hymn numbers that are on display.

Andrea said...

That's some real dedication keeping the terminal theme for a week.

Katie said...

Sometimes I think I have OCD. But now, after reading this, I think: I do not have OCD. :)

Katie said...

Well, I must admit that I do have some OCD: I cannot lie even when I am joking.

Tia said...

This may very well be my most favorite post! I love it - you are such a real person. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does these sort of things! I miss you!

Jon said...

hahahaha. Now who's weird?

Jana and Rob said...

You're so funny! I know that's my comment to all your posts but it's true! I now have an image of you with chip clips all over you.